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Flats Fever II

Marcjacobs   Aarrgh! This is Marc Jacobs.


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Flats Fever

I am so not worthy of my name. Shoegirl? I gotta change my name to Not-So-Shoegirl-Anymore-Ain’tcha?.

As some of you might have known, I’m a late comer in the world of ballet flats. Some time ago I found out that apparently I CAN wear flats and still look good in them. Before that, I had never even glanced at them, those flat-at-the-bottom round things with bows [!]. I had never felt the need to deign myself and spare my precious browsing moments.

But since that time of revelation, I humbly had a chance of heart. Not a convert, no–I’m still crazy about sky high stilettos. But this is a whole new world! This is a brand new uncharted territory! [Well, for me at least.] I mean, look at those!–in every made, every color, every possible adornment. And I’d been blindsided all those times!

[Sigh.] So.

Here’s what I’ve got since then:

  • orangey leathery flats with little studs, with a small spreading hole under the right big toe from those early manic days of denim-skirt-and-flats
  • Guess metallic pointy flats I bought the second day of the euphoria
  • black shiny leather with elastics [think Tods] flats I bought about 2 weeks ago
  • dark brown with shiny dark brown trim from a friend

Just so you know, it required great sacrifices and self-control for not crazy-buying all those pretties out there. So I allow myself to list those I’m still drooling over:

  • red patent leather peeptoe flats from Nine West
  • chocolate brown buttery-leather flats from… uh I forget the brand, some quasi-Italian name at Metro… but they’re yummy nonetheless
  • buff-colored flats from Nine West, so buff they dissapear in the naked eyes
  • silver elastic flats from an obscure brand at Metro

See, I limit myself to neutrals, except those red peeptoe–it’s just too yummy. And I didn’t even mention designer brands, so you have to admire my self-restrain.

And that, my friends, is my story. I am now humbly signing off as Shoegirl and girding myself for your mockery and contempt. [Not at the face, please. And no rotten eggs!]

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Catch Me if You’re Fashionable

It was the middle of May when I received my fashion magazine for the summer and one of the captions said “The Look for Fall”. What? I hadn’t even worn my short pants and my leather thong for the summer hadn’t been worn-off of overused. And it was fall already? I had just retrieved my summer dresses from the back of my closets, for g-sake. The article killed my mood immediately, as quickly as the glam-rock style that made a stint come back before it was completely washed off by bohemian skirts and tunics.

Fashion nowadays evolves so quickly. It’s hard for a fashion-concious girl to catch up, and it’s possible now for a girl to die of fashion exhaustion attack. This thing was never heard of before the so-called age of informations, when people bought peacoat because it’s warm and practical, not because it’s been worn by Selma Blair, ripped from the runway.

But you have to understand that, when designers like Karl Lagerfeld—juggles eight collections a year for Chanel, Fendi, and his own label—relentlessly sees everything in the near future, six months, six months, six months. I don’t blame the information technology, but when fashion editors and reporters are willing to murder for up-to-date fashion news and spreads, the buyers, the consumers, the spectators, the admirers, and the likes of me, will be bombarded with choices of clothes and accessories the scales of toko kelontong in Indonesia. It’s overwhelming, to say the least, not to mention scares some people to death.

That’s why we always crave for the “versatile” pieces, tips on how to wear your “neutral” colors from summer to fall, and books on investing in expensive “basics” are always in style. That’s why we always reach for that pair of snug fit jeans almost every day, and those nude pumps every now and again, and that white starched shirt every time we have a fashion crisis. If fashion didn’t change so quickly, like Tom Ford once said in TIME, maybe people would not reject fashion and walk around in T-shirt and comfortable pants.

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