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nordljus rose

I found the perfect little white summer dress. Light, crisp, wearable to work. And today I pair it with a small, thin green cardigan, the color of lime. Perfect. The most favorite colors. The most beautiful mood. And it has the comfort level of this:



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The Ugly Beautifuls

“Ugly beautiful”. It’s a term I use to describe men who are not blatantly handsome (like Pierce Brosnan) or have perfectly symmetrical face (like Tom Cruise), but they are definitely HOT in my standards. They usually have that dark, brooding looks; the square manly jaws; and they look even hotter when they’re smoking a cigarette. And if I ever had the chance to meet any of them, they’re the sort of celebrities who will make me blush all over my body.

Clive Owen


I wasn’t impressed the first time I saw him, but Closer got me hooked. He has those somehow transparent eyes that penetrate and search your soul till you give up.



Anthony Bourdain


Well, a man who cooks and writes, who is self-deprecating and somehow a snob… I know he looks like he doesn’t care when he does, and he always maintains his cynical, in-your-face image with his sarcastic remarks. But I fell in love the first time I saw him on TV.


Gabriel Byrne


I don’t know why, but he always played the devil or the priest/angel. Look at those intense eyes.



Benicio del Toro


Ha. You might say, What, are you nuts? But if you look closely, he could be Brad Pitt’s older brother. Darker, but hotter.


Have a good look.



There are others who could make the list, but they haven’t got my knees totally buckled.

Gary Sinise



William Petersen as Gil Grissom in CSI



Daniel Craig



They are ALL older guys. Hm. So I guess Bruce Willis makes the list.


Yeah, I love him.


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RIP Tastespotting


http://www.tastespotting.com is NO MORE. With a very terse notification (in a handwriting note):
“Thanks for a great 18 months! In light of recent legal complications, NOTCOT will no longer be operating tastespotting.com. Jean NOTCOT 6.13.2008”
Talk about Friday the 13th. Bummer.
Tastespotting had been a delightful feast for the eyes, and now is no more.
Food porn! We need more food porn!

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Visual DNA


I found Imagini website and took this personality test, a VisualDNA test. Instead of asking you questions, they give you these pictures, to describe how you feel about, let’s say, "Art is…" or "Love is…" and "What excites you…"

[My personality turned out to be Easy Rider, Escape Artist, New Wave Puritan (!), and Love Bug.]

It’s fun, try it.

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